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An interesting 1979 XL 500 Motard(ish) Tracker(ish) build.

Laurent Huille sends in this intriguing build. I had a build like this in mind a few years back when one almost fell into my lap.  I would have gone in a different direction with the exhaust and headlight I think but this shows that it could have worked.

I’m a French biker
This 1979 XLS 500 is my second “self custom bike” (pardon pour mon anglais approximatif!)
Have a good day!

A before and after pic.

One Mean Mule! And it’s for sale!

Ed Shure pointed me to a for sale ad he has in the Boulder (Colorado) Craigslist. You don’t custom Mule’s like this come up for sale very often. Really excellent build. Oh and for the record, I don’t know him personally so if you’re interested in the bike please contact Ed through the Craigslist ad.