Wwwwwow! Serious Garage builds!

Thanks to Jim Wiley for sending these in!You sir have some skills! Jim if you read this I’m sure folks might have some questions as to the builds. If you get a chance could you go through some of the bigger mods.


1971 Honda CB450K4 and a 1975 Honda/Harley CB750F both bikes built in my garage by myself.

IMGP0189 copy


Update: Wow! ermm… what is it?

Thanks everyone!

Hat tip to my readers for the links to the (always indispensable) Pipeburn magazine and article. It Fred Krugger’s ’66 Honda CB 450 – “Tribute to Japan”. Sent to me with no explanation or info. It’s obviously a quality build and professionally done photo shoot and I’d very much like to give some attribution so as not to step on copyright etc..


I wish we had more “entry level” bikes this cool.

A cool Honda FTR 223! Thanks to Gihan Anuruddha for the pics. Sorry for the spam filter delay.

A long time lament of mine here in the states. There is FINALLY some decent 250-500cc bikes coming that aren’t embarrassing turds. I wish they weren’t all sportbikes though. Something manageable along these lines would tempt more than a few 16 year olds I’d wager.


Some really fun 2 stroke “street” bikes!

Mike sent me a link to his Flickr site and I grabbed these two! Nice Stuff!

His original E-mail about the CR500

This is my CR500 AFC Supermoto 79RWHP. I mostly run it on the street but for fun I took it to the drag strip and ran a 12.4 @ 101.4mph 1/4mile. It didn’t have a soft enough tire to launch hard but still fun beating Vrods and cbr600s!
It’s a crazy fun bike. Street titled and all led lights.
This will be up for sale soon to fund a Kawasaki H1 drag bike 🙂 the wheelie bar on it is from the H1 project haha


And a nicely modded GT!