Beautiful 1995 Ducati 900SS

I always thought it was unfortunate that these were relegated to second fiddle status when the 916 came out. What they lacked in HP they made up for in character. I’m with you though Fred, I just don’t have the back for it anymore.

This is my 1995 900SS which I built over the last few years. Now my aging back forces me to sell, see eBay for full description.

Thans for your consideration.

William “Fred” Weege

Before and After!! A Stunning 1966 Ducati 160 Monza Jr.

Now THAT”S a save! Hard to believe it’s the same bike. For more shots of the bike in process take a few minutes and check out his gallery pages. There’s a lot of other excellent Ducati shots there as well. Nicely done Craig!

Craig Kenfield writes in:

I saw a link to your site on Ductalk which led to some before and after photos of a Ducati single. Here’s my version of a similar bike… it’s a 1966 Ducati 160 Monza Jr that was restyled using older Ducati bodywork.

After spending too many years working on it on and off I finally got it back on the road just in time for the vintage bike festival at Barber Motorsports last year. With about 15 miles on the bike we threw it on the trailer and drove 13 hours to get there. Took it off the trailer and it ran great all weekend.

Regular contributor Chuck Lathe sends in some choice pics from a recent show.

Well I’m back from a nice but very windy weekend and I owe you folks some pics. The inbox is brimming so lets get to it.

By the way, all the best thoughts to the folks in tornado country for the recent troubles. Crazy stuff for sure.

Chuck wrote in:

Hey Steve,
We rode down to the Progressive Motorcycle Show in Charlotte on Saturday and I thought you might like these. They are, of course, a Bonneville Street Tracker, a Norton 961 Cafe Racer, and a Ducati 916, and a 1968 Yamaha DT-1 . The Bonneville has a trick frame and either a new or modified single shock swing arm, but a tiny little oil cooler.
Regards, Chuck Lathe North Carolina

Thanks again Chuck!

A Sweet modified 1965 Ducati Sebring Road Rcer.

Thanks Much to Henry Buss out of Canada. That is one hell of a nice save! Must be a blast o ride!

I biult this 1965 Ducati road racer from 6 boxes of parts that were a 1965 Sebring.
Bored out to 350 from 344cc.
Omega piston
Megacycle Cam
EX valve 36mm
In valve 40mm
Gas Flowed Head
Lightened Frame etc.