More information on the Greek hooligan videos and some great reader rides!

A reader from Greece was kind enough to do some translating and fill us in on the “Greek Hooligan” videos from the previous post. He also included some fantastic bikes of his own!

Thanasis Vgenis writes in:

Hello there!
I would like to congratulate you on your great blog, I’ve seen very nice bikes there since I subscribed! Well done, it’s priceless!

I come (and still live here) from Greece, so I had a laugh watching those nice old videos from “Agios Ioannis”. This is a place in island of Evia, not far from Athens, were many athenian bikers use to go for a ride since the scenery is nice and the twisties are great. The guys in the video are race riders, especially the one on the 749, and local heros, so they know the road like the back of their palm, which of course is no excuse for that silly riding…The “disclaimer” at the start of the video says that “this has been done by professional riders, in a controlled (!!!! 😀 ) environment, so don’t try this at home and ride safely” Funny enough I dare say….(we must admit that their are pretty good, though)

Seizing the opportunity, I am including a couple of pics from some of my bikes.
First is my 1970 Ducati Scrambler 350, almost completely restored. I got the bike in 2003, and studies and PhD included I got it running in 2010….But it’s a charm…
Next, the scrambler is together with my mate’s 1979 XT 500, a really lovely bike, almost unrestored, just some paint jobs and slight engine repairs.
Finally, my lovely 660 smc in a break from work, on to the mountains near by.

Hope you like ’em.

Keep up the great work,
Best regards,
Thanasis Vgenis

This post is a great example of why the internet is so great. Thank you very much for the information sir and congratulations on your excellent collection! I like your taste in bikes!

Oops… A reader ride classic Ducati and Honda racebike three for one!

Oops! It’s not all Honda! Updated!
Reader Henry Buss sends in three gorgeous racebike projects.

He writes:

Here are 3 racing bikes that I have built in the last 3 years in my
retirement. 1965 Ducati. Honda CR 750. Honda 550 Replica of a RC 181
1967.Hope you like them enough to put on your site.
Henry Buss

Great Stuff! Thanks Henry!

Excellent Custom Ducati Monster.

I know there’s an entire universe of custom Monsters out there that could (and do) support a large segment of blogs all on their own. There is some great stuff going on over there. For example…

Ryan Konkel writes in:
Hi; This is my buddy Brian’s 2009 Ducati Monster 696- a bike I have spent alo…
This is my buddy Brian’s 2009 Ducati Monster 696- a bike I have spent alot of time helping him put together. Mods are listed below, lots of custom performance-based upgrades, not just flash:
Modifications include:
-H-Competition under-seat exhaust
-Ducati 848 SBK forks
-Ohlins rear shock
-Ohlins side mount steering damper
-Ducshop velocity stacks/pod filters, custom airbox elimination bracket
-Power Commander V with custom dyno tune and ECU reflash
-Custom Oil Cooler
-Xcetnrik Performance Belly Pan
-Ducati Comfort Seat
-Corse rear sets
-14T front sprocket
-Driven lighweight rear sprocket
– Speedymoto Top Triple
-Woodcraft Clip-ons
-Pazzo Levers
-Rhinomoto fork, frame, bar-end, and rear-end sliders
-CRG bar-end mirrors
-Custom 7″ round headlight
-Classic Ducati logo decals
-Painted front/rear calipers
-Rizome Belt Covers
-EX Chain