barber museum

Some nice shots from the Barber Vintage Festival!

Thanks Kurt! Fantastic stuff! And I love your choice of “Sport Tourer” for the ride!

Hey Steve, I just got back from the BVF and I thought you might like some pics. My wife and I rode our 1982 Honda CB900F there 750 mi. round trip from Asheville,NC. The trip during the fall colors was awesome and as a bonus we got to meet Richard Backus from Motorcycle Classics magazine, he seems like a great guy and he had his Laverda RGS1000 there. Enjoy. Kurt

An amazing look at the private caverns of the Barber Museum.

In the world of motorcycles there are a LOT of urban legends about long lost secret stashes of crated up all original (fill in the blank) motorcycles and parts or the secret warehouse of bikes in a shed somewhere in the world etc..  Well I’ve been hearing about the cavernous “archive” of bikes waiting their turn for restoration at The Barber Motorsport Museum for years now.  Even when close friends (that I trust) have taken the tour and been granted a peek into the “vaults” I was always just a weeeee bit skeptical. Well call me skeptical no more.

I tripped across a comment on a message board recently where the gentleman stated that he has some photo’s of a “sneak peek” that had been granted. And on that note, I’d like to extend a special thank you to Gerald Wilson (AKA:rztom) for hooking me up with these mouth watering shots.  It’s beyond anything I had imagined and I’ve actually visited the museum and been amazed by the upper floor displays (See my previous post of my visit).  I can not imagine the pure joy of being on the staff and working on one amazing machine after another all day. If there’s a heaven it has a museum a lot like this one.


A closeup of tho column with the autographs.  I can just make out Billy Joel and Craig Vetter.