Here’s a really big slideshow of all my Barber pics.

This is all the useable shots I have. I’ll probably comeback and re-post individual shots to spotlight certain individual bikes that merrit attention. Sorry about the quality on some of them . It’s not well lit for photography… which I’m sure is partly intentional. I probably had to exclude another 50 or so photos because my camera wasn’t fast enough and had a hard time adjusting to the conditions even with the flash. I’ll be better equipped next time. As a side not the museum assistants were a really knowledgeable group and as I was there on a slow day we had some really interesting chats.



  1. I was doing all sorts of Google searches to find out what half of these bikes were, lol. And nice job sneaking in that picture of the classic Dino!

  2. Lots of nice pictures of nice bikes. I’ve been to the Barber Museum on two occasions and found new and interesting things each time. It is truly a Mecca for motorcycle enthusiasts.
    Thanks for the great photos. They make me want to go back very soon.

  3. A visit to Barber’s is to the motorcyclist the epitome of spiritual pilgrimage. I go at least once a year, fortunate to only live four hours drive away. It is truly without compromise or comparison and this particular motorcycle is so indicative of just how special all of the motorcycles chosen for display really are. A machine as glorious and novel as this Moto Guzzi is just one of hundreds which spark their own emotional impact in the visitor. When I walk out of that museum after a visit I am invariably stunned; emotionally, aesthetically, and spiritually satiated.
    God bless the man behind this institution.

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