5 comments on “An amazing look at the private caverns of the Barber Museum.

  1. the free world’s supply of matchless g50s and yamaha TD/TR road racers exist within these walls. heaven on earth!

  2. Hey Zip. That was my first thought too. There’s an significant supply of vintage Yamaha 2 strokes racebikes in therein there. Leave some for the rest of us! LOL

    • I spent 3 days in the museum during the vintage fest. I truly did not believe that many g50s existed. plus, the same numbers of g5os/7r’s were found in the race paddock. truly eye-opening.

      I started with bikes when the TD-1b was starting to win, and watched when the TD-2/TR became the dominant winners, eventually becoming a belly-button racer(everyone had one!).
      my favourite all-time race bike. The real belly-button bike became the TZ750. Amazing that so many people had the stones to race one of these, let alone win on one.

  3. That is still only a portion of what that place has to offer in the pictures. I have had an opportunity to go into “the vault” as well. When I went, they were fully stacked and there was only a walk sideways path in that room. I have toured their machining room as well as there parts room. There are parts to anything and everything. Little known fact is that they also house the largest collection of Lotus racing cars. A statement made by lotus. I applied for a job in restoration there at one point in time. A must see for anybody.

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