1. Your comment illustrates a point that has been made many times about modern motorcycle design— the lack of negative space. Look at nearly any vintage bike, be it a Horex Regina or a Gilera Four, and you can see THROUGH the bike. There’s empty space evident beneath the seat, around the engine, between the frame tubes. Modern bikes are so much more complicated and densely packed in the name of efficient performance that the graceful use of space that make older bikes so sculptural is gone. This chassis and engine looks like it’s already been through a trash compactor…not much you can do to beautify it with bodywork when that’s what you have to start with.

  2. @tanshanomi. That is the clearest explanation of something I have felt instinctively for decades now. It’s what makes Cafe Racers so appealing. Minimalist design with “open” spaces. Thanks!

  3. I agree with above comments. That motor is far to busy. As far as being a usable bike, no thanks. What can you do with a 160 or w/e hp naked bike? Blow yourself off of it? I’ll take a Hypermotard.

  4. Maybe it’s my youth and the fact that I didn’t grow up with the classics so I don’t have the ingrained appreciation for them, but I find this bike very beautiful. I get the idea of the empty space comment though, the engine here does look busy. And I do appreciate the historic nature of the classics. Being a sportbike nut I understand a little how the cafe racers gave birth to the sportbikes I love so much, which gave birth to proper street fighters that I adore. Now, if I had the money to buy one would I? Nope. I’d have the money for a speed triple and that makes my heart sing. Plus the money left over would pay for a road trip down to the Ozarks and the hidden gems of twisty pavement in norther Arkansas. Or maybe a trip out to Kentucky and all it’s gorgeous roads and scenery. Doesn’t mean I wouldn’t like this bike parked next to the triple though. Flanked by an MV Agusta, street legal XS650 tracker and of course a ratted out GSX-R stunt bike for the real hooligan in me.

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