Month: August 2012

Beautifully modified Yamaha RZ350

I have a stock version of this in my garage and I can tell you that there isn’t that much Yamaha left in this bike. I think it’s European. The name on the E-mail is Heiner Trapp who wrote:

Hello, one update and Streetlegal !

Sorry folks, taking a break for a while.

The great universal vacuum cleaner is sucking me down a back hole lately and rather that let things suffer on here I’m just going to take a hiatus.


HOWEVER! This is temporary. So PLEASE DO Keep sending me whatever you have and I PROMISE  I’ll make it up to you with something of a post bomb when I return.


Till then hang tight, ride safely  and go enjoy the fall colors and roads.

Three fantastic Moto Guzzi Video’s from our regular commenter and aficionado William Ferry.

I’m just going to let Bill describe them… Fantastic Stuff!

This lovely thing is, in my view having studied them for years, the BEST all -round tasty.. I’ve ever seen. I would have it in a heartbeat.
[2] Also attached I hope, is a lovely little film taken at the Guzzi factory, at some gathering or other.. of a famous Guzzi technician and cafe owner.. [name escapes me.. the joys of getting older..].. he starts the bike, and the joy on his face and the rasp of the bike is a total wonder to behold. Lovely.
Now FGS let them thro’ and.. just enjoy them.

[3] I’ve added the last one as, a guzzi fan, you should see these things [ sorry, I’m not being pompous.. it’s a love affair and I love to show like minded people..]
Bill Lomas was my lifelong hero. And he knew it. We were friends for years and I loved him dearly. A great guy.. he had a wicked sense of humour and told terrible, outrageous stories. I miss him still. Ah well..

Oh my… The sound of this bike is just sublime..

this last one just make so happy that I live in the age of Youtube.

A nice 1972 Hodaka Super Rat. I love the “period” Polariods and color shots like this…

… from “back in the day”.  One of these days I’ll sort through my moms old pics and flood the page with Z50’s, Trail 70s and 90’s and some yellow Yamaha DT100 action. Sigh.. my first 2 stroke. Fantastic power (especially after a trail 70) but a weak transmission.