1. Maybe he rides it in the snow a lot…it looks to be a late-model air cooled Monster 1200 with a Streetfighter chin spoiler. Maybe his street isn’t paved.

  2. Steve,

    Thats a rear tire he used on the front, thats why it doesn’t look right, the proportions are off, otherwise it’s a neat bike, I kinda like it.

    @Harold, knobbys are absolutely useless in snow, trust me on this one 🙂

  3. The front tire and the rear tire are the same size. Very cool bike. Proportion, I would go with the same tire on the front, one size down. Example, flattrackers are rear 140/80/19, front 130/80/19. In defense, the desert sleds that have the same size trials tires front and rear (or trials or knobby) look proportionally correct. The block pattern tread tires are not trials tires and they exagerrate the front tire visually. Very cool bike.

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