Month: July 2012

Oh and by the way… I Wanted to say THANKS! We passed 1.5 million posts recently.

I don’t check the counter all that often anymore but I just thought I’d once again extend my heartfelt thanks to everyone for stopping by and contributing to the blog. It is VERY much appreciated!

From the “official counter” 1,551,778 views all-time

And to celebrate…hmmm.. lets see… How about two of my biggest joys in life!!
From about 6 years back, my Daughter sitting on a Kawasaki H2 750 Triple. That was a happy garage THAT day for sure.

I know I don’t post many Street Fighters but I’m posting this one. Bandit 1200.

There is such a huge universe of streetfighters out there that it’s hard to stay on top of it all and there are blogs that do a much better job of it than I can. But every once in a while someone sends me one that is built just really “correct”. To my eye this is one of those. It’s nicely updated with modernized suspension and exhaust and with those handlebars it’s actually rideable.  The overall look is nice an clean too. This one comes from Shane Morrisby (a different Shane than the last post) from down under.

(UPDATE: A few more pics). Another sweet custom. This time an old school Yamaha thumper!

Hats off to my readers who are really rolling these days.

So we go from six cylinders to one. But this is no less a desirable bike to my eye. I saw one of these years ago in a grainy shot somewhere and was instantly taken. I have loved the aluminum tanked Yamaha’s since I was a kid annoying the salesman at the dealership.  And now that I have the motard bug…  well to to see this together in such a nice high res photo has me thinking expensive thoughts indeed.  Really impressive build.

Thanks Shane Murray for the photo.

Custom CBX… Holy shhhh…..

To my horror I just discovered that this spectacular machine had been caught in my POS spam filter. Thank you mike for double checking with me on this and re-sending it! If anyone else out there feels that they sent in a particularly nice machine and are wondering why they haven’t seen it please feel free to double check with me in a follow up. I’m shocked at g-mail. it’s usually VERY reliable.

Ola Steve-O. Mike in Montreal here, again. Remember my SR500, that you were kind enough to post ( and my ‘killer’ 50/250) ? Seems the Yamaha might be seeing more of the world than me (Portland Oregon,Hawaii). All is not lost, however. I was busy this past winter, and just put the finishing touches on this. Its an ’82 CBX 1000. You can follow the build here;
Get comfy….its a long read !

Vids here;
Check out part 1-4, you might notice a slight difference in the bike as the build progressed.

I always had a itch to scratch regarding CBXs. I’m pretty chuffed how this one came out.
Highlights (?);
’05 GSXR1000 front end
’08 GSXR 1000 rear end
Rear subframe fabbed from my wife’s old lawn chair ( No, really, you can’t make this stuff up !)
Big-rig back-up lights for headlights
Ducati Monster seat
GSXR filler grafted onto the CBX tank
Coke bottle recycled into an oil vapor catch tank ( plumbed with stainless braided line initially intended for dishwashers)
Ducati braided oil line used as a tank breather
Tail light is a McGyvered ‘wing’ light from a Toyota Sienna
Floor lamp cut up for turn signal supports ( Honest !)
I only got out on it for a short run today, for the second time. WHAT a giggle to ride !

BSA Flat Tr.. (scratch that) Scrambler Beauty. Need some ID help.

Updates from the comments

First: From Somer “That is a Scrambler (very good point and on second glance I agree .ed). Flat trackers don’t use brakes. Probably an iron barrel B-31 or B-33 BSA Pre 1954.”

OK Steve,
My thoughts..
At first glance it looks like a B31[350cc] or B33 [500cc] motor in a standard swing arm frame.
This engine had alloy crankcase and cast iron barrel was the standard ride to work BSA here in the UK. Production stopped about 1960 although back stock sales continued to 61/62.
From this was developed the Gold Star series.. B32 [350cc] and B34 [500cc] and eternal glory.
Well, for now anyway
Front brake is standard [tho’ not for this bike] late 60′s Triumph/BSA 2ls stopper.. good too.
The tank and seat are sooo lovely.. late 50′s/early 60′s moto X. Beautiful.
Black frame would have been nice.. as original.
Hope that helps a bit.. maybe someone else who knows the bike can fill in more.

I could use a little help on the ID specifics if anyone wants to chime in.