Custom CBX… Holy shhhh…..

To my horror I just discovered that this spectacular machine had been caught in my POS spam filter. Thank you mike for double checking with me on this and re-sending it! If anyone else out there feels that they sent in a particularly nice machine and are wondering why they haven’t seen it please feel free to double check with me in a follow up. I’m shocked at g-mail. it’s usually VERY reliable.

Ola Steve-O. Mike in Montreal here, again. Remember my SR500, that you were kind enough to post ( and my ‘killer’ 50/250) ? Seems the Yamaha might be seeing more of the world than me (Portland Oregon,Hawaii). All is not lost, however. I was busy this past winter, and just put the finishing touches on this. Its an ’82 CBX 1000. You can follow the build here;
Get comfy….its a long read !

Vids here;
Check out part 1-4, you might notice a slight difference in the bike as the build progressed.

I always had a itch to scratch regarding CBXs. I’m pretty chuffed how this one came out.
Highlights (?);
’05 GSXR1000 front end
’08 GSXR 1000 rear end
Rear subframe fabbed from my wife’s old lawn chair ( No, really, you can’t make this stuff up !)
Big-rig back-up lights for headlights
Ducati Monster seat
GSXR filler grafted onto the CBX tank
Coke bottle recycled into an oil vapor catch tank ( plumbed with stainless braided line initially intended for dishwashers)
Ducati braided oil line used as a tank breather
Tail light is a McGyvered ‘wing’ light from a Toyota Sienna
Floor lamp cut up for turn signal supports ( Honest !)
I only got out on it for a short run today, for the second time. WHAT a giggle to ride !



  1. Wow… Just wow! Rarely do I find myself literally stunned by pictures of a bike, but this one did it. An absolute work of art, the most beautiful and radically different from the original CBX I’ve seen.

    Hats off to you, sir!

  2. WOW, thats a beauty, I especially love the lawn chair rear end.
    Steve, ya gotta get rid of that spam filter if it’s chewing up bikes like this. Jeez, this one just made my week, I always wanted a CBX, but never even rode one.
    Excellent build Mike, really great job.


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