Now that I’ve calmed down a little… A few thoughts.

First thinsg first,   if you send me anything you’d like to see posted on here send it to the new e-mail address  I’m going to try and segregate an the blog related stuff from the personal stuff.  Please Please Please only send original photo’s that you took and/or own own and indicate in the e-mail that I have permission to post it on this blog.

Also,  I REALLY like WordPress and this template works very well for the style blog I have.  Big thumbs up to the WordPress folks!  Thanks for being here!

I’m still going to eventually migrate over to a self hosted blog but I’ve got to educate myself a little so i don’t blow it up.  From what I’ve learned, if I do it correctly you guys shouldn’t even notice.

It’s starting to look like the old blog may be gone for good.  After thinking about it calmly,  I realize that it’s probably not entirely unjustified.  Google probably has to defend themselves from more lawsuits in one week than is imaginable by a mere mortal like myself.  So I can’t blame them for being strictly letter of the law on copyright and Terms Of Service decisions.  And strictly speaking , while I made every effort to account for the source of every photo on that site it wouldn’t be unfair to say that  that I may have stretched those boundaries on a few occasions.  Ya play with fire, you’re gonna get burned.  I can think of a LOT of blogs (quite a few that I linked too on the old site) that were waaaay worse than anything I ever approached.  I’ve lost count of how many times I saw photo’s that came out om MY camera on other peoples sites (usually from overseas) with no shoutout back to me and their own watermark on the picture.  I never said a word but I imagine a lot of other folks did.  they’re still rolling along though.

It’s kinda cool going over all the old libraries and cherry picking the “greatest hits” for startin the new site.  I’ll be sure and go heavy for a while to make for all the lost material.


  1. Steve, sorry about your site but doing your own deal will be the best thing in the long run. If ya need some help let me know. Buddy

  2. And Happy New Year to us all !
    Great to see the site back, really disappointing about losing all that archived content, but I guess you just have to roll with it.
    I’ll be checking in regularly and wish you the very best Steve. Thanks for all your time and effort,you’ve made at least one other like-minded motorcyclist a happy guy.

  3. sheesh, man….

    i know what you mean about copyright. i get things from all over and if there is no “photo by” i often tag it with my logo and post a link to the site i got it from, or any other info i may have uncovered (which is usually a lot because most biker blogs are a pic and that’s it).

    i have a wordpress design created and of course have been using my own url, saving every image on my own hard drive, but it’s just too time-consuming.

    really glad you got everything moved, as evidence by your long archive list.

    peace out, steve.


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