I’m totally freaking speechless on this one

This is a copy from an Advnture Rider thread I stumbled across. Now this is some wild freaking stuff. Backyard V8… errr….Choppers? Customs? Judge for yourself…

“I was passing this guys place last spring in AZ. and the TIRE caught my eye…had to go back and check it out.

I had a business card from the guy but missplaced it….He has a little cafe a few miles out of Globe AZ. on the mtn. pass. Has a shop adjacent to the little cafe…real nice guy. He is big and bad ass enough to ride these brutes! He builds them from scratch, obviously….Here’s a few more pics. of some other bikes he’s done and doing…..He’s started building bikes in the 60’s. He had a photo of a twin V-8 bike he built in the 70’s.

Big Block Chev.
has some sort of 2-speed automatic transmission…..

Small block chev. in this one…..59 caddy tail lights

wouldn’t want to slip off the seat…………..

This had a chev. 383 stroker motor…..building for a client……

Work in progress……

no front brake….probably wouldn’t matter……

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