Ohio Valley BSA Owners Club "Reliability Run". Some More Great Pics from Ted Guthrie!

Woke up this morning wondering where to go with today’s post and was very happy to find a few e-mails from regular contributor Ted Guthrie. He’s been busy lately and sent in these fantastic pictures.

Ted Writes:

Hi, Steve. Attended the Ohio Valley BSA Owners Club spring meet this last weekend. Lots of cool bikes on hand, as usual. The following images represent a sampling of machines, which took part in Saturday’s Reliability Run (vintage dual-sport) event. So, these bikes are riders, not just for show, and as a result wear their battle scars proudly.
Note, the guy posing behind the Penton MC5 is none other than Jack Penton.
I’m sending these in full-res, so I’ll send more in separate e-mail. Enjoy.

Here are a few more. Note, in addition to those bikes, which participated in the Reliability Run, the pretty blue BSA single and the old Indian were part of the BSA Club’s vintage trilas event, and the cool, little ’52 Triumph Terrier is in flattracker guise.

Great Stuff as always! You can even see the grins under some of those helmets. Thanks Much Ted!

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