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CORRECTION: Wicked little Yamaha CS5 (RD200) Cafe from E-bay.

MY MISTAKE! I thought it was yours from the pics on the facebook page.

Just wanted to give you an update that I am NOT the builder of the CS5 you featured. Just the finder. Don’t want to take the credit of Wild Turkey Fab.

Reader Daniel Thornberry (link to FB page with build pics) pointed me to a his really trick little Yamaha for sale on E-bay (linked while it lasts). And no, I do NOT know the bike or the owner. Trick little build though.  That pipe is the bomb!

A fantastic Henk Van Kessel 50cc 2 stroke racer. Like a little piece of motorcycle jewelry.

I confess to lifting these pictures straight from this great ADV Rider thread. They are too good not to post. For those who don’t know much about the early days of Moto GP and the significance of the early 2 stroke small cc bikes I highly recommend a book called “Stealing Speed”. It’s a well researched story of industrial espionage, spy vs spy and the end of WWII and German rocket science all rolled into one.

And here is the man himself.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Henk van Kessel (born on June 25, 1946) is a former Grand Prix motorcycle road racer. He won the 1974 F.I.M. 50 cc world championship. He won seven Grand Prix races during his lengthy career.
Nationality Dutch
Motorcycle racing career statistics
Grand Prix motorcycle racing
Active years 1972 – 1976, 1978 – 1986
First race 1972 50cc Swedish Grand Prix
Last race 1986 Baden-Württemberg Grand Prix
First win 1974 50cc French Grand Prix
Last win 1979 50cc Belgian Grand Prix
Team(s) Kreidler
Championships 50cc – 1974
Starts 87 Wins 7 Podiums 25 Poles 0 F. laps Points422

A nice 1972 Hodaka Super Rat. I love the “period” Polariods and color shots like this…

… from “back in the day”.  One of these days I’ll sort through my moms old pics and flood the page with Z50’s, Trail 70s and 90’s and some yellow Yamaha DT100 action. Sigh.. my first 2 stroke. Fantastic power (especially after a trail 70) but a weak transmission.

Sweet little 2001 Honda CB250 cafe racer.

From Paul Stanner

Here is a 2001 Honda CB250 cafe racer I built for someone a few years ago. Great little bikes. Didn’t really want to hand it over when it came time as it was some much fun to ride.
My site has a few more pics of the bike.
Thanks for the time you take to keep your site running with interesting content and new builds.

My Pleasure Paul. And thanks for the pics!

Outstanding Honda mini clone “Spencer Replica” by DeakCraft Motorcycles

Look closely..  That’s not a one thousand.  It’s a one hundred.

Hat Tip to the Italian Racing Cafe Blog for scoring this one.  There’s some good links to more info on their post so check em out.   I don’t often get material directly from other blogs but this is a rare exception since many of you may not have it on your rotation.  I would LOVE to do one of these out of a small 2 stroke in an old GP style.  Too cool.

Quirky little custom Honda

Ron Machette sent in some pics of his cool little Honda project.

Hi mate. I’ve been busy ,this is my Honda cub 70 I put Chaly wheels and handlebars st70 forks, seat off a Monkey bike, bates front light. It goes really nice and it just passe the MOT so I’ve been cruising round the streets. People are not sure what bike it is. It’s a 1975 and only cost a couple of hundred quid Still got the other one too cheers Ron!

A Yamaha R15. An interesting modern small displacement sportbike from India.

I never heard of this bike until Kotty sent this to me. What an excellent small displacement ride. At first glance, I honestly almost skipped over it thinking it was just a stock R6. But the photography caught my eye and then I realized it was no 600. It’s a shame that we don’t appreciate these bikes here in the US. I know, big distances and all that but it’d be a heck of a city bike and if we had sensible restricted displacement licensing laws every kid in town would be on one. and it certainly would compete with the expensive all electric bikes that are going to be shoved down our throats in the near future. Bike specs and such can be found HERE

Hi ,
Iam from Chennai , INDIA
I have been following this site for the past two years right from its old site to now it’s all new one
I have great curiosity and interest towards bikes and biking.
Please find the attached pics of my all new YAMAHA R15 – VERSION 2.0 – ( I call her “ 46’S RED RACHEL )

The Mighty Honda MB5 “out in the wild”!

Jim Meyer spotted this clean little scoot and sent her in.

Steve, I spotted this today and had no idea what it was, never saw one before. Very cool little bike. Where has all the simplicity gone?

Good Question Jim.

These engines had decent specs including 185 psi compression! And I’ve read that some US versions had top speeds in excess of 50 mph. Wow!

Type Air cooled 2-stroke, reed valve
Cylinder arrangement Single cylinder 40 degree incline
Bore and Stroke 39.0 x 41.4 mm (1.54 x 1.63 in)
Displacement 49cc (2.98 cu in)
Compression ratio 7.6:1
Max Horsepower 7.0 BHP @ 9000 rpm
Max Torque 4.05 ft-lb (5.6 N-m)
Oil Capacity, transmission
Oil tank 1.1 US qt (1.0 liters)
1.2 US qt (1.1 liters)
Lubrication system Forced (eng) and wet sump (tranny)
Air Filtration Oiled polyurethane foam
Cylinder compression 185 psi (1275 kPa)
Engine weight 38.6 lb (17.5 kg)
Idle Speed 1400 rpm