A Yamaha R15. An interesting modern small displacement sportbike from India.

I never heard of this bike until Kotty sent this to me. What an excellent small displacement ride. At first glance, I honestly almost skipped over it thinking it was just a stock R6. But the photography caught my eye and then I realized it was no 600. It’s a shame that we don’t appreciate these bikes here in the US. I know, big distances and all that but it’d be a heck of a city bike and if we had sensible restricted displacement licensing laws every kid in town would be on one. and it certainly would compete with the expensive all electric bikes that are going to be shoved down our throats in the near future. Bike specs and such can be found HERE

Hi ,
Iam from Chennai , INDIA
I have been following this site for the past two years right from its old site to now it’s all new one
I have great curiosity and interest towards bikes and biking.
Please find the attached pics of my all new YAMAHA R15 – VERSION 2.0 – ( I call her “ 46’S RED RACHEL )



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