RC181 Replica using a 1970s CB400 frame and a CB550 motor!

I didn’t get a name of the builder in the E-mail (drop me a line please) and the photo’s are a little small for what I usually like to post but this is so cool I posted it anyway. Really interesting hybrid with build pics in the gallery.

The Dirt Fazer!

Manny had made a few comments about his old Dirt Fazer in the FZ! Adventure Bike thread and he was kind ehough to send in some pics of it.  Cool Stuff but a sad ending..
Manny Wrote in:

Hope some of these are OK. Don’t forget most of this stuff is from the film era and it wasn’t so easy to take pictures back then. I owned this bike for 13 years and had a blast with it. One day I was riding it home from work and the countershaft sprocket came off the shaft and the chain wrapped around and locked my rear wheel in the fast lane of a major Montreal highway. I slid to a stop on the inside service lane and took the plate, tools and mirrors, crossed the highway, called my wife to pick me up and abandoned the bike. I had never plated it and ran it on the street with the plate from my other Fazer so it couldn’t be traced to me. That’s the last time I saw it.

Following on our theme of large Adventure Bikes…

Thanks to”small wheels”  (for the link in the comments thread of the FZ1 build) it seems that there’s a longer history of this than I realized.  As he said it’s “already (been) done in the ’80 by Jean Claude OLIVIER, french importater of Yamaha who even race it at the Paris-Dakar”

And here’s a shot of the 87 version.  Go check out the complete page.  It’s in original German Here… or the Google Translated version Here

Really cool converted BMW dualsport K75 “Brick”

There’s an interesting thread over on ADV rider called “converted dual sports” where folks convert all manner of unusual rides into some form of off roar or dual sport bike. A lot of it can be nothing more than thick tread tires on a UJM inline four but every once in a while there’s a really inspired and well crafted creation. Todd was kind enough to give me permission to re-post pics of his work in progress here. He mentioned that there’s a sturdy piece of aluminum waiting to be bent into a bash plate for under the engine. He says there’s more on the way so this post may get updated a little in the near future.

It’s such a nice fit for the style that I’m surprised that BMW never built one themselves. Great build Todd. Thanks!

A stunning 2 stroke custom.

I Can’t believe it’s the same bike..

David Zemla writes in

Love your site!!!!
Great to see such inspirational machines! Makes my day each time.
Here’s a shot of an RZ350 I built a few years back. Not great pics but a really fun bike.

David Zemla
Director of Marketing
Progressive Suspension

Sorry for the delay on this David,  My e-mail has gone a bit batty lately.

Here’s how she started out…