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Amazing ACE 125

Thought you might like to share a couple of pics of my latest project, the ‘Amazing Ace’ 125.  Have owned it just over 6 months and have performed many mods in that time whilst sticking to a very realistic budget of around $600 all up.  The bike was bought ‘in a box’ from the distributor in Western Australia for $1820 landed in Hobart, Tasmania.  Fours hours or so to put it together with the help of a friend.  Here’s a list of what’s been done:
  • Engine hot up kit (jets, CDI etc.) from OO Racing UK
  • Sports muffler and exhaust ‘bandage’ and removal of cat converter
  • Headlight shield from Vespa
  • Halogen headlight bulb
  • NGK spark plug
  • Gas rear shock absorbers from OO Racing UK
  • Aftermarket hand grips
  • Bar end mirrors
  • Tacho (and thermometer)!
  • Removal of reflectors and headlight bracketing etc.
  • Leather strap for tank to replace rubber
  • Aftermarket foot pegs
  • Aftermarket clear lens indicators
  • Aftermarket horn
  • Aftermarket tail light
  • Removal of side stand lug so stand now folds up neatly
  • Removal of side stand ignition by-pass switch
  • Modified/ trimmed fuel valve (more k’s before going to reserve)
  • Custom-made stickers
  • Chrome lettering
  • ‘Nitrous’ bottle (all for show – no go)!
  • Lots of chrome vinyl, chrome trim and carbon fibre vinyl!



1975 Yamaha XS650 “The Mexican”



We´re proud of introducing our 1975 Yamaha XS650 “The Mexican”.
We were commissioned by Sergio, a Spanish engineer who is living in Mexico, now for eleven years. he was in love with our work, specially with the Montesa Enduro 75. So, he was in doubt about finding a perfect bike for him. We advise him to buy this XS650, an so we did for him. This bike was never imported to Spain but there were two in the Spanish aftermarket. The bike looks better than really was. Too much rust below the seat… frame, front forks. We decided rebuild it from the ground up.

Sergio, the owner, wanted a kind of tribute to Mexico in she. We looked for and find out the Quetzalcoatl, the Aztec feathered serpent (Quetzalcoatl was related to gods of the wind, of Venus, of the dawn, of merchants and of arts, crafts and knowledge) and painted it in “The Mexican” fuel tank.

So we made cover for front springs and got inspired in old BSAs for the fuel painting.
Now she we´ll live Spain and will go to Mexico, where actually she believes…

“The Mexican” specifications:

·         Engine rebuilt

·        Yamaha XS 850 front forks

·        Double brake disks

·         Maccomotors front forks covers

·         Renthal handlebars

·         New lights and control switch

·         Biltwell Kung Fu grips

·         Single Speedometer

·         Bates headlight 4 1/2

·         K&N filters

·        Mini cats eye Turn signals

·         Tail light “Mongrel”

·          Chopped standard mudguards

·          Tyres: BRIDGESTONE AC-04 130 rear / BRIDGESTONE EXEDRA 110 front

·         Kawasaki enduro foot pegs

·         Relocation battery (Ballistis¡c battery)

·         Ignition relocation

·         Progressive rear shocks Hagon Dual Road

·         Progressive fork front springs

·        Sub frame chopped

.        Seat Maccomotors

·        New paint Maccomotors

·         Hooligan exhausts


Photos from Sergio Ibarra from Semimate

A Stolen not forgotten 1976 Suzuki GT550


Hi there – I am enjoying your site and thought I would send in a few pics of a build I did a few years ago.  A complete strip down and rebuild of a very tired and long unused 1976 Suzuki GT550.

The build saw many additions and modifications to get it to the Café Racer I wanted, unfortunately I only had it for a couple of years before some #$%@%^*&$%# stole it.