ace 125

Amazing ACE 125

Thought you might like to share a couple of pics of my latest project, the ‘Amazing Ace’ 125.  Have owned it just over 6 months and have performed many mods in that time whilst sticking to a very realistic budget of around $600 all up.  The bike was bought ‘in a box’ from the distributor in Western Australia for $1820 landed in Hobart, Tasmania.  Fours hours or so to put it together with the help of a friend.  Here’s a list of what’s been done:
  • Engine hot up kit (jets, CDI etc.) from OO Racing UK
  • Sports muffler and exhaust ‘bandage’ and removal of cat converter
  • Headlight shield from Vespa
  • Halogen headlight bulb
  • NGK spark plug
  • Gas rear shock absorbers from OO Racing UK
  • Aftermarket hand grips
  • Bar end mirrors
  • Tacho (and thermometer)!
  • Removal of reflectors and headlight bracketing etc.
  • Leather strap for tank to replace rubber
  • Aftermarket foot pegs
  • Aftermarket clear lens indicators
  • Aftermarket horn
  • Aftermarket tail light
  • Removal of side stand lug so stand now folds up neatly
  • Removal of side stand ignition by-pass switch
  • Modified/ trimmed fuel valve (more k’s before going to reserve)
  • Custom-made stickers
  • Chrome lettering
  • ‘Nitrous’ bottle (all for show – no go)!
  • Lots of chrome vinyl, chrome trim and carbon fibre vinyl!