A Stolen not forgotten 1976 Suzuki GT550


Hi there – I am enjoying your site and thought I would send in a few pics of a build I did a few years ago.  A complete strip down and rebuild of a very tired and long unused 1976 Suzuki GT550.

The build saw many additions and modifications to get it to the Café Racer I wanted, unfortunately I only had it for a couple of years before some #$%@%^*&$%# stole it. 




  1. F#$^&%NG B$^#RDS

    what a beautiful bike…
    congrats paul!
    and sorry about what happened…


    PS: i’ll share it to my fb wall… u never know!
    how long ago did this happen?

  2. Hey Sean,just saw the 1976 gt550.Nice bike.Heres the build I did to mine.75 gt 550 ram air.GSXR front forks.SV rear swingarm.kawasaki 636 rearshock.hayabusa rearsets.norton headlight.lots of powdercoating and love put this together.I’ve had this bike since it was brand new.

    On Tue, 4 Feb 2014 07:09:17 +0000 Motorcyc

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