1. If you look closely, this is a non functioning or incomplete build. Although it looks fantastic and would make for an interesting show piece in some collection, it appears to be fake with lots of “added” pieces of aluminum. Looking at the second picture zoomed in very closely, the lower cylinder has a CC casting number similar to a Japanese single possibly a Suzuki or Yamaha , but the case cover barely visible behind the fake Ducati’ish cam drive shaft tube will be the deciding factor. It definitely looks like a Euro motor, but under closer scrutiny it might be just an elaborate fake for artistic reasons. Its a shame to have built something so cool and close to complete if it is just a fake show piece…

  2. Funny. It’s certainly not a Duc single, though it wishes it was. I think Travis is right (unfortunately). It looks like a jap single with a bunch of faux style covers stuck on it, including a fake head and oil sump.

  3. I’m thinking its a real live Supermono class bike . Up to 800cc singles anything goes. in this case Japanese block with desmo valves . Google Supermono engines and check the images..

  4. I just found out the facts behind the bike from the builder Rick Booth and Travis Lawson was pretty close.

    Engine: Suzuki Savage 650 single
    Engine extras: outer shell of parts , Big double overhead cam head, separate transmission, Lucas MagĀ , primary case, were all made to enhance the engine’s looks
    Frame: WWII vintage airplane landing gear struts
    Wheels: modified Kawasaki mis 70s
    Swingarm: Ducati 999
    Front end: 90s Suzuki GSXR
    Rear shock: Buell

    When will it be ready?
    The bike will run as soon as I finish a few more details like front and rear sprocket spacers and installing the proper electronics-says builder Rick Booth.

  5. @sean coker, the bike in Steve D’s link is also a Rick Booth number. Click on the portfolio tab and you will find multiple shots of it.

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