1. Looks like someone decided they’d like it better in the horizontal position. In my case the forks were pushed between the exhaust pipes after someone under the influence tried to beat me through a light. He fared a lot better than I. This pix makes me cringe.

  2. +I returned to my bike once (99 V92C) after a workday in lower Manhattan to find it on its side after having been drug a few feet, no damage other than its pride. I’ve also had many bikes that had simply fallen over. When I see someone else’s bike on its side, I’ll normally try to upright it for them. I’ve never had anyone do so for me, though. In this image’s case, it looks like a simple tipover that hasn’t been picked up yet. Unsure of the mirrors, though. The right’s gone for whatever reason, and the left is spun for whatever reason. Nice bike, nonetheless, as I always thought highly of the Seca series.

    Ride on.

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