A Sweet (and street legal) Aprilia RS250 2 stroke.

A carry over from the 2 stroke board. I’ve seen a few of these titled and street ridden in the US and it always makes me drool. As realistically close as you can get to a GP bike on the street. Brace yourself for the maintenance costs though.

Hairu wrote in:

I consider myself a 2stroke lover. I always believed that 2stroke is the most ideal engine for a sportbike. I think MotoGP made a big mistake by banning the 2stroke to compete. They should have let the 2stroke to compete with what ever type off engine. Anyway I just recently owned an Aprilia RS250 1997 model. This has been my dream bike back then and now I own 1. Riding it takes some time to get use to as this thing has freakish power delivery at ultrahigh RPM…..but ones you get use to the power delivery you would enjoy the superlatively devastatingly fast riding you could ever have imagine. you can even take a very steep angle short corner without any brakes being applied from a very high speed. Of course your feet will be very-very busy changing the gears but it still fun doing it. Anyway this is my picture with I consider my 2nd wife…….she is 1 of my big extended family.

Thank you.

Hairu Al Akmal

It’s always a great day when you land your dream bike! Nicely done! (oh and I agree about the Moto GP comments)

Living the dream!

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