Lets play “Name What That Bike Started Out As”!

I know I don’t post many Streetfighters but that’s not because I don’t love them. I do actually. Style performance and WOW factor suit me just fine. A well built fighter “can” be THE best way for a skilled builder to show off his talents. There are literally no boundaries. And when properly done you have a bike that you can actually use everyday if you like that really IS one of a kind.

My general problem is that the “Streetfighter universe” is so freaking huge. Even on the better dedicated sites and message boards there are way too many folks who just pull the fairing off stick on some dualsport headlights, add a few decals and call it a fighter. And that’s fine. You’ve got to start somewhere. But when it comes to finding good material for the blog it’s a little hard to sift through the haystack and find that shiny needle. Anyway, what caught my eye about these top two bikes isn’t JUST the build quality and styling (which are excellent) it’s what they started out as. I actually tripped across them in separate places before I made the connection that they all came from the same builder. A shop called “Full of Hate” Customs. If you like the genre head ove there and check out some of their work. Nice stuff.

Anyway, here’s our 2 mystery bikes. Can you guess what they started out as?
#1 For the Answer Click HERE
By the way Hat Tip to The Fuzzy Galor Blog on this. Cool site.

#2 This one floors me. See Here.

And here’s some of heir more straight up work. Sweet stuff.


  1. I have a DRZ and would never guess the first bike was one. The second looked like a Suzuki V twin but I didn’t know which one. TL, DL, TLR? The motors look the same but the frame should have been a giveaway.

  2. The second one looks like a Ducati. Look at the tank, the 4 valve L-twin, SSSA, where the frame mounts to the engine and the front end.

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