Cool video with a sweet old Kawasaki and a cool vibe.

Spending as much time as I do poking around the web looking for material I can’t help but notice the giant leaps that have been taking place in regards to “amateur” video creation. Of course many of these are way beyond someone shooting from the hip and just posting it up. Yes, there ARE a lot of very well equipped and highly skilled “non-professional” cinematographers out there doing amazing things. But there is no doubt that the huge leap in functionality and drop in costs of equipment and post processing editing software has led to an explosion of really great content. I’ve seen everything from simple and fun short riding clips to some ongoing and very slick dramatic serials. I probably now spend as much time on youtube and Vimeo looking for entertainment as I do watching television. Probably more actually but I don’t think I’m typical… yet.

Anyway, here’s a great example of what I mean from Liad J.Shulam who wrote in:

Me and my mates from Melbourne,Australia have made this movie about my 1980 Z500 , I hope you like it and will feature it in your Blog.
I just wanted to say your Blog Is Great! And that I check every day 🙂

Thank you for your time.

My pleasure! Keep em coming!


  1. a bit too slick and commercial for my tastes but I’m so very glad to see people out there givin’ us a look into their world.

  2. @Randel, I don’t get what’s “too slick and commercial” about it but everyone’s entitled to an opinion.
    I think it’s great work by an amateur crew using the hardware and software, that’s available to all these days, AND a good sense of what and how to squeeze in quality into a 2:46 minute clip.
    Well done Amitivi

  3. Very artistic, I would say. It did have a bit of a motorcycle ad feel to it though, but still nice. Would be nice to see the theme expanded on, maybe a ride out to the country-side or up in the mountains or whatever you have down under. Show a contrast between the city and the bush country.

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