3 comments on “Cool video with a sweet old Kawasaki and a cool vibe.

  1. a bit too slick and commercial for my tastes but I’m so very glad to see people out there givin’ us a look into their world.

  2. @Randel, I don’t get what’s “too slick and commercial” about it but everyone’s entitled to an opinion.
    I think it’s great work by an amateur crew using the hardware and software, that’s available to all these days, AND a good sense of what and how to squeeze in quality into a 2:46 minute clip.
    Well done Amitivi

  3. Very artistic, I would say. It did have a bit of a motorcycle ad feel to it though, but still nice. Would be nice to see the theme expanded on, maybe a ride out to the country-side or up in the mountains or whatever you have down under. Show a contrast between the city and the bush country.

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