An “odd” Honda Custom “cafe”.

It is a strange build but I actually like it. Not sure why.._DSC0241


Sweet BMW R65 Cafe Project. Before and after.

One that nearly slipped past me with all the recent lag.  Very Nice!


This is my r65 winter project nearly finished it just needs the seat and front brake finishing off hope you like it
and also a pic of how it was when I bought it.

Nearly Finished


The before Pic. Heck of a transformation!

Wow… Some Serious Northern Ireland Suzuki and Yamaha 2 stroke action!

I was obviously away from my e-mail for too long as I keep finding more fantastic submittals like this one from Sean Maney. The Suziki is a stunner but that Yamaha reeeeealy speaks to me. Well done sir!

Thought you might like to see some of the recent projects I’ve completed..have done all work myself apart from plating and powdercoating..
Pics of the Suzuki t500 titan I’ve just built..lots and lots of chrome on this bike..totally rebuilt..

The RD400 TZ rep café racer..I monoshocked the frame…fitted tzr125rr front end,rear wheel,brakes etc,,,
Northern Ireland












From the “you don’t ssee that everyday” department. A CX500 Senna tribute bike.

Regular contributor Ken Fontenot sends in this rather unusual build.

Beaux Barfields CX500

Steve, I have a friend/customer that just finished building a Honda CX-500 Cafe Racer with a bit of a different twist to it. Beaux Barfield is the race director for Indy Car Series and builder of the bike, it was built in his garage at home. This bike is was built as a tribute to Formula 1 driver Ayrton Senna, and was done in Ayrton’s Black & Gold John Player Special Paint scheme with his number 12. Beaux did a fantastic job on the bike, and will proudly ride it around Houston and display it at a few special events. Here are a few words from him:
Tribute to a racing legend. Ayrton Senna. I couldn’t be more proud of how this bike turned out. Big shout out to Ken Fontenot, Gordon Rundle III, and Erik Contreras for making this one happen.

Here is a short Bio of Ayrton:

Ayrton Senna da Silva was born in Sao Paulo, Brazil to a wealthy family. When he was four years old his father Milton bought him a go-kart, and by age eight Ayrton was regularly competing in karting events. His career progressed quickly, and in 1982 he moved to England to pursue his racing. In 1984 he came to the attention of the whole world by racing in Formula One. Over the next ten years he won the World Championship three times and engaged in some controversial racing with France’s Alain Prost and England’s Nigel Mansell. Ayrton Senna was killed on 1 May 1994 in a race at the San Marino Grand Prix when his car, which had been beset with problems the entire season, inexplicably left the track and crashed into the concrete barrier. His was the last death in Formula One due to the major safety reforms that the tragic weekend at Imola had brought about. He was voted by over two hundred of his fellow Formula One drivers as the best driver of all time in a 2010 poll. Senna was also a humanitarian who discreetly donated millions to help those less fortunate in his native country.

A fantastic 1982 Kawasaki Z1100 ST Shaft named “big Z!

Maybe the nicest “Big Bike” shaft drive Kawasaki custom I’ve ever seen. Check out their work at Excellent work gentlemen. Thanks for the outstanding photos!


















Hi there!!:
We are proud of introducing our first creation, a 1982 Kawasaki Z1100 ST Shaft named “big Z”
We are Maccomotors, two brothers, Tito and Jose and we own a little garage but with big passions and ideas in Chiclana de la Frontera, Cadiz, at the bottom of Spain.
This is the first Maccomotors creation but in less than a month we´ll surprise this world with a bratstyle Montesa Enduro 75 never seen before. It´s gorgeous too. We have started a Triumph Bonneville proyect already and will start customizing a Yamaha TTR in a few days. So we won´t stop.
We bought this Z1100 St from a neigbour for a very good price because the motorcycle didn´t run. It have a problen with the valves, so we rebuilt the engine and made this modifications among others:

– Rebuilt engine

– Rear subframe chopped

– Seat by Maccomotors

– Single speedometer

– Rear suspension Marzocchi E81

– Air filters Meiwa

– Oil filter KN

– Bates headlight

– Turnlights signals SHIN-YO mini cateye

– Taillight Texas

– Grips Beston style

– Handlebars Rental ultralow

– Pipes adapted fron a Kawasaki Zephyr 1100

– Exhausts 2 in 2 MIVV

– Mudguards Maccomotors

– Tyres Metzeler Lasertec: Rear 130/90-16 Front 110/90-19

– Paintwork Maccomotors

– Steel and aluminium pieces by maccomotors

We own a few bikes and long time ago we talk and talk about customizing aour ideas and so we did. We wanted to share with all the people that is as crazy as we are with motorcycles that we decided to run a website., in which we share all the progress of our work as well as a blog with photos and motorcycles of others. We have a fan facebook page as well:

We wanted create a beautifull bike, in a retro style but functional and agresive at the same time. It´s a real rocket!!

Thank you very much. Appreciate so much your work.

Simply Fantastic CB160 Racer.

Another outstanding build from regular contributor Ken Fontenot and our friends at Cycle Sports of Houston. If I wasn’t too big for these little Honda’s I’d build one tomorrow.

Here it is with the recently posted Suzuki 2 stroke.  That’s a hell of a nice set!

Suzuki GT500 & Honda CB160

That exhaust is a work of art.
Honda '68 CB160 1

Honda Cb160 6

Honda CB160 2

Honda CB160 3

Honda CB160 4

Honda CB160 7

Honda CB160 8

Honda CB160 10

Honda CB160 11

Honda CB160 12

Honda CB160 5

Here are a few pics of the Honda CB160 Road Racer we have been building alongside the Suzuki GT500 for the last year. A few pics and a short Bio:

Honda ’68 CB160 Road Racer

A customer of ours decided he wanted to have fun doing some vintage racing. He looked at options and decided that the guys racing the Honda 160’s were having the most fun of all the classes in AHMRA (American Historic Motorcycle Racing Association) so he decided to find a bike and have something built. He found a stock ’68 Honda CB160 in San Diego in absolutly terrible condition, rusted badly and everything locked up. It was delivered to our shop here in Houston and we began by dissassembling the entire bike and evaluating everything… needed everything. We sandblasted the frame, cut off most of the unneeded parts, painted it gloss black and put it on a lift. From there we started either replacing, repainting, replating or refurbishing every part, nuts and bolts included as we put them back on.
Mark Shim owns several restaurants and when he is not riding one of the bikes in his collection or racing them he displays them in his restaurants…..Ya know, like art. So we decided this was going to be a VERY nice race bike with lots of attention to detail. We rebuilt the engine completely, put in 2mm oversize, higher compression pistons, new valve train, and replaced lots of worn out parts and did a lot more custom work that we won’t discuss. We painted the engine cases satin black, covers gloss black or polished, sanded the fins down and had a nice engine to bolt back in.
Mark handed a seat/tailsection to us that he bought years ago and said this is the color scheme. We painted the tank black & yellow to match, ordered a Dunstall 1/4 fairing, painted it, made custom brackets and bolted it all up. We had Shane Davis at graphtec make a set of tanks badges with the old dodge “Super Bee” as a guideline changed up to look like Mark with his vintage shorty helmet and goggles he likes to wear. They set the tank off really well! Thanks Shane!
We used slightly modified stock carbs, painted and polished them and got a set of really nice velocity stacks. John Easton over at Jemco Exhaust systems, down the street from us built a killer looking Exhaust system, had it nickel plated and I must say, its the best sounding 160 I have ever heard! He made a jig if anyone wants one of these systems he can build one for you. He can be reached at 713-461-3834.
We found some nice aluminum rims, powdercoated them gloss black, installed stainless spokes, race spec Avon vintage tires and wheels were ready. We found a ’74 TA-125 Yamaha road race front suspension, rebuilt it, made a few modifications, installed some tapered roller bearings, installed a set of Hagon rear shocks, new swingarm bushings and we had suspension. We rebuilt all the brakes, and made the hardware look as good as the rest of the bike. Marc LaNoue at Metal Cutting Specialties did all the waterjet work on the brake hubs and chainguard. Moto-Bits provided a set of rearsets that work really nice. All new handlebar controls, new cables, grips and kill switch and after about a year of messaging the rest of the parts and safety wiring everything we had a race spec ’68 Honda CB160 race bike that seems to work really well on the track and looks good on display. When not at the race track it can be seen at Kapop restaurant in Houston texas.
Thanks to all of our friends who helped with the build and a special thanks to Mike Valdez for setting up studio and taking the photos for us!

Ken Fontenot & Jeff Wisenbaker
Cycle Sports Ltd of Houston