6 comments on “Sweet 75 Suzuki GT500 Cafe Racer from Cycle Sports Ltd.

  1. Steve,
    Is that the BEST 2stroke Cafe ever..?
    It’s certainly the most beautifully produced Cafe I’ve ever seen.. the fittings and attention to detail are gorgeous. This bike is soooo delicious.. I’d keep it and never let anybody near it. I love the [BMW R90s] cockpit look..the fairing and touring bars. Great.
    I look at a lot of stuff on another site [B***E^^f] and this build makes 90 odd % of their stuff look ridiculous. Well done to all.

  2. And I’ve just noticed your RZ on the side-bar. Here in the UK they are.. RD 350YPVS.
    And I’d love a nice one [ I really mean.. fabulous /restored/mint] in my garage today.
    For me.. Yamaha’s true masterpiece. Fabulous, and sooooo light.. make them into GP quality.

  3. After seeing a lot of garbage on the custom / resto scene lately, seems all people are doing is hacking the back off the frame, wrapping some tape around the headers and bolting on a stupid wash board seat, it is fantastic to see such a beautifully crafted machine. My hat off to all involved in this superb piece of design and craftsmanship. And cheers Steve for posting this awesome looking 2 dinga.

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