So much for that dream of one day owning a Vincent! LOL

The latest results from the Bonhams Auctions. She’s a real Beauty though.
CREDIT DOUBLE RED 1952 Vincent 998cc Montlhery Black Shadow 300dpi

The Bonhams auction at the International Classic MotorCycle Show at the Staffordshire County Showground topped £1.4 million on Sunday 28th April, with the top-selling lot a 1952 Vincent Black Shadow, which realised £113,500.
The fully-restored, ex-works machine formed part of the factory’s bid to set a new 24-hour speed record at Montlhéry in France in May 1952. Although mechanical failures prevented the bid from being successful, the British team returned home with eight new records, including six hours at over 100mph.
Among other auction highlights was a 1931 Brough Superior SS80 motorcycle won in a raffle more than 40 years ago and a 1914 Indian Model F once owned by legendary Hollywood actor Steve McQueen.
The latter sold to a European telephone bidder for £32,200, while the SS80 realised £57,500 – more than a million times the cost of the 1972 raffle ticket. Starting life as a sidecar outfit with Ipswich Police, the motorcycle was converted to solo trim and later offered as first prize in a fund-raising raffle at the Brough Superior Club. Tickets were sold for five pence each, or 50 pence for a book of 10, and second and third prizes respectively were 10 and five gallons of oil.
An eclectic selection of 30 machines owned by the late Clifford Jones proved popular with bidders, selling for a total of more than £175,000. The collection featured a number of 1950s ‘cafe racers’, as well as much modern-day racing and superbike machinery.
Meanwhile in the automobilia section, two Akai Yamaha race helmets worn by the legendary Barry Sheene in the 1980s fetched a combined total of £10,000, selling for £6,875 (Lot 105) and £3,125 (Lot 104) respectively.
Ben Walker, Head of the Bonhams Motorcycle Department, said: “Once again our auction at the ‘International’ Classic proved to be exactly that, with interest from bidders from across the globe.
“Record-breaking machines like the 1952 Vincent Black Shadow and the movie star charisma of Steve McQueen were among the draws for the crowd, and there was fierce competition for the Ducatis in the collection of the late Clifford Jones.”
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Please credit the Vincent image to ‘Double Red’. All other images are ‘Courtesy of Bonhams’


  1. Maybe you could be happy with a Rapide instead of the Black Shadow. You can find them all over th4e place for … like, half of what that one brings. Wait! Half is still 800,000 Pounds? Cheap at half the price.


  2. Steve son,
    Don’t be depressed.. think how lucky you are NOT to have tied up all that loot on an old banger.
    It is TRUE.. they do look amazing.. as do Broughs’.. BUT, [trust me here..] they are NOT wonderful to ride in modern conditions. TRULY..
    If you live in the sticks with no traffic around you.. fine. If you live in a heavily built up area.. wouldn’t be my choice.
    As much as I adore classics.. my V twin choice would be.. a first series Ducati Monster up to 2008[ish]. A plain air cooled V twin S2R 1000cc has about 95 bhp, weighs..[ actually VERY light about 180 kgs from memory ] and is both COMFY and QUICK.. All that, and handling and modern brakes. and IMO still the best looking modern motorcycle for years!!
    And then.. the bloody quick one.!
    A Ducati Monster S4RS.. full water cooled whiz-bang motor, ex-999 etc. Very light still AND still comfy.. BUT.. 130 BHP AND.. with factory upgrade kit, more.. 150bhp. Yikes !! [what..?]
    A Vincent in full Black Shadow trim [now 60 yo] had about 60 ish bhp the Lightnings [racer really] had 80 bhp plus.
    The whole point of this IS.. you can have the full-on HUGE Vtwin thing from the best makers of Vtwins.. EVER.. YES REALLY!!
    $6/7k should buy a late model S2R with low miles, in your country. An S4RS would be approx’ $10k ish..
    BUT.. but, if all this won’t sway you.. then TRY the following websites for NEW build Vincents [and at a hellofalotless than Bonhams and classic dealers..]
    JMC Classics in the UK, or, what about Patrick Godet in France[ ex GP star]. Go see him.. take the family.. have a holiday [ I’m totally NOT joking..] You’d have a great time, lovely area.. France is FABULOUS.. just wonderful. Sadly,my fractured “franglais” is rubbish.
    Ducati, Boy.. just have a look around you..
    I’ll try to post an ad’ on a UK website of a museum quality S4RS presently for sale with us, at approx’ $10k. That’ll do nicely then.

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