1. Looking to save some $ buying a used car, but not sure how to find a reliable car..
    I tried CL, eBay and a couple of other big websites but i found nothing in my price range..
    Finally a friend of mine found a nice looking car for sale and bought it,
    it was sold by owner and in great shape i may add. Garage kept and very clean.
    I made him an offer and he refused me, he showed me to some website where they say
    i can find cars listed by owners, no dealership or companies where every time i called for an add to ask about the price
    , real price was different, 10%-50% grater than advertised… or the car was sold..
    i found a nice Ford truck and i’m willing to buy from a owner in New York, i’m willing to travel 300 miles for that.
    If you are interested in cars or trucks for sale by owner you can take a look at http://cheapcarz.net
    You may just find something nice.

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