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  1. I can’t let this go. it was the best of times, it was the worst of times .Fresh home from Navy service in Viet Nam I had a Triumph 650 and my buddies had Atlases and One had a P 11A . He let me borrow it one thanksgiving and I rode in 100miles in the Ohio cold to see a new girlfriend (Coed and Anti war i might add ). The very next spring I bought one of the first Norton Commandos in our area. There were fastbacks available but come on, a “Combat” engine how could I resist? The wierd thing was there was not one of these bikes that was equipped the same except for the leaks. My came through with shitty afternmarket mufflers, The halo headlight ring but with the familiar Dourhty levers. It did run and handle like a bat of hell. The very funky funky kick starter reminded me of rubbing two sticks together to start a fire. Oh but the fire was hot once you got it lit. Then there was the “Hirider” version which soon became a premature barn find. I mean really with all those Bond girls hanging over and on those Norton advertisements I still can’t understand how Honda’s nicest people beat us even though they didn’t stand a chance.

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