7 comments on “OK here’s the idea I’ve been kicking around. Call me crazy…

  1. I am all for getting paid for what you love. Half of my wallpapers have come from you.

    I also respect that you desire to only take credit and profit from your own work.

    Perhaps, you can put a submission template with an option that would allow others submitting photos to you to grant either copyright ownership or a revocable license to print. If you have a database that links each new picture to the database info from the submitter, photographer (& maybe their contact info), info about the bike, and whether or not you own copyright or a license to sell the image.

    I for one would like tasteful motorcycle related things. I don’t see putting a big glossy photo on the wall, but I would like a T-shirt /or hoodie or two that has a nice simple picture of Cafe scoot on it, and would manage to look out of place at both Sturgis and at a Cafe snob or Rockabilly meet. A big sticker for the back of a laptop would be cool too.

    I bet there is a market for someone to come along with rallys and document the trip nicely too/ do glamour shots of builds. Maybe you can offset some of your equipment by doing a few nice spreads on commission.

    I check your site every day because you have classy taste and like unusual stuff.
    Most of the other bike sites front these big phony biker culture images, and seem to be bragging all the time. You are humble.

    I don’t think you owe your readers anything, and I thank you for sharing your passion. Really I think that is what makes this work. You are only showing what you like. You don’t show things you don’t care about just to keep sponsors or ad revenue flowing. Your tastes are not based on fashion, or what is tied into a TV show at the moment. I love that you have broad tastes that span genres, and even post an outstanding bike or two from genres you don’t usually like.

  2. Great idea Steve, you’re already doing the work, so why not get the reward? Its always nice to do something you enjoy. Who knows it could become more than a part time passion paying for more gadgets.

  3. I trust you’ll give the Barber Museum credit for their bikes you photograph. Just a thought.

    • I’ll give all the credit I can to anyone who has any involvement at all in the photographs I take. At this point what I’ve placed in the “portfolio” are more or less just place holders. They would be too low a resolution to have any large prints made. And in fact Barbers museum is rather finicky about how much camera they’ll let you bring in to the museum. I don’t know if they can restrict what I put out for publication (Yes I’ll look into it today as a matter of fact) but they definitely do NOT encourage pro’s to go in there and use it like a studio. In fact, I would go so far as to sat that they set up the lighting conditions to be as difficult on your camera as is practicable since they discourage flash photography. What they give you is nice light on the eyes but really tough on the “average” sensor. I’m sure that’s deliberate. In fact I only really nailed about 1 in 3 of the pics I took while there.

      • that may explain why my great photo of an XR750 has a bit of an orange hue. Used a good camera without any interference from staff. never heard that comment before.
        Maybe this year I’ll try and compensate. thanks for the head’s up!

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