OK.. and brief apology, a New Years resolution and small hint about the future.

First, a brief apology and new resolve.

Looking at my site stats I continue to be amazed at the reach that this blog has had.  The other day I did a google search on an unusual model KZ900 and it put me right back to a blogpost of my own.   I’d done it a few years back and forgotten about it.  I had a surge of  stupidity and pride all in one moment!  What really surprised me was that (through no efforts of my own) those hits were at the top of the google search which I have been assured is no small feat.  Indeed Typing  Motorcycle photo will ghost script my site out as the top hit.  I’m really of astounded by that!

NOW….  All that said…  I do acknowledge and accept that I have a certain responsibility to my readers and that I’ve been slipping (badly) lately.  And the truth is I have no credible excuse.  Even when I am in fact swamped I can always schedule posts to pop up automatically days/weeks/months/years in advance.   The last quarter of 2012 (or so) on this blog was not exactly my finest effort. Yes there were some quality posts here and there but I was absent for far too many stretches. Everyone has ups and downs in their personal life and I will not bore you with the details suffice it to say that compared to people who have “real” problems in this world I am still a very blessed person. I have decent health, a decent job, a secure family, I enjoy a warm climate and I have a  garage filled with bikes and projects (albeit neglected of late).

So…simply put, I resolve to shut up and take stock in what’s going right and forge ahead!  Spring is right around the corner and looking at the calendar i see that there will be more chances to get close to quality motorcycles than ever.  I’m going to get all over that.  Stay tuned.

P.S.  I know I’ve made a few cryptic references to an upcoming “announcement” and that a few of you have been curious as to what I’m up to.  It something that I reeeeally really want to get right so I’m hesitant to put it out there just yet but I just want to say CLEARLY that it does NOT IN ANY WAY (and never ever will) involve outside advertising of any sort as a few of you have worried about.   It may eventually put a few small shekels in my pocket and what I hope will be some REALLY cool stuff in your hands but it would be completely “in house operation” as they say.  If you’ve read this far, lets just say that efforts to significantly improve my photography has opened up a few avenues.


  1. AS I see it, you are providing a service to us free of charge. I am certainly not going to complain about you taking a bit of time off.

  2. Steve, I think you’ve more than earned a right to make some money off your site, and if that is through some subtly placed advertising, then who would begrudge you that? In my opinion, anyone who does is pretty damn selfish.
    The only request that I have is that you consider giving us an option so we don’t have to read your Blog in Knockout (white type on black background). which makes it that much harder to read.
    Cheers, thanks, and all the very best for 2013.

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