UPDATE: I’m guessing it’s a British bike badged as an Indian?

I know there was a Royal Enfield Indian but I can’t find one that looks like this exactly. Can any of the experts clue me in on this?

It’s an Indian ARROW. Cool bike!



  1. These were made in 2 cylinder models, too, with the 500’s (Warrior?) being the biggest. It was a last chance attempt to compete with the Brit bikes, but they were slow and unreliable, and Indian blew it’s wad on warranty repairs, which were actually re-designs. They leaked, were slow, and they failed to sell. The design was rushed into production, and wasn’t really ready for prime time. Research and development in the marketplace works for weapons, but not for bikes.

    There was a small number of Royal Enfield 750s imported into the US by Clymer, and were the best Enfields ever, with Italian frames, forks, wheels, brakes, and carbs, but he died before the Brit / world Indian concept went anywhere

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