A rather rare 1968 Beta 125 Premier wiht almost no miles!

From “Bigtruck” Johnson who is looking for more info on the bike.

Hi, I am looking to get any information I can about my 1968 Beta Premier. It’s a tasty old original with just 10 miles on it! I seen Ted Guthie’s stunning restoration and he mentioned a couple friends each having one. If someone can somehow forward my email to him, maybe he’ll get back to me so I pick his brain. Thanks, Steve



  1. Quite amazing! I have searched and searched for information on my Premier, which has but 25 miles. It is an exact duplicate of yours. I’m sure, however it is Italian, in manufacture, from the tag on the front fork. I’m in Oklahoma City. Regards, Steve Davis

  2. Your bike looks like new!!! The Moto Beta Premier was my first motorcycle I owned. The dealership in Flint Michigan (Flint Indian Sales) was the distributor in the Mid-West for many Italian motorcycles in the 60’s and 70’s. Moto Beta imported the 125cc Premier from 1970 to 1973. I have not heard of a Premier from 1968, so yours might have been brought over from Italy by a private party. As far as I’ve seen, all Premiers were the same i.e. DelOrto carbs, Marzocci forks, red tanks, 125cc, etc. The other model Moto Beta sent to the U.S. during that time was the 50cc Bebe. In the early 70’s Jerry Woods from Maine did some advertisements for the Premier. Its a picture of Jerry on a Premier jumping the bike. There were some specs on the advertisement. I restored mine once, but it was ruined in a fire July 2017…so now its sits as a pile of melted and twisted metal, waiting to be restored once again. The pic of this bike above has inspired me once again. Sadly, Domi Racer in Ohio has shutdown recently and parts are going to be hard to find now. I think a company in Canada may have bought all the Italian stock including the Moto Beta Premier stuff.

  3. i have a 1972 125 Premier and will need some more parts to finish the rebuild. Does anyone know where to find parts?

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