1. Well, I’ll give ’em a 9.5 on the ‘flash card’ visuals provided in the early stages of the ‘race…..
    However, Content gets only a 2.4…….BUT, Yawn Factor is an impressive 8.4 !!!

  2. I do hope they are NOT paying these journalists any wages for this piece of guff. Bravo the BMW car on a damp, slippy track, who would have thought eh???
    In fact sod it, if they are paying then I’ll take a job with these clowns, easiest money I’ll ever make.
    I’ll give the content a whopping 2.3 and a yawn factor of 9.1!!!

  3. So how should they have done the comparison to make it “hugely interesting”? Just dry weather, or did you have something else in mind.

  4. Dry conditions ? CERTAINLY….. Instead of “Owen” whomever in the M5,let’s use Sabine Schmitz ,Ken Block,or The STIG.
    For the 2-Wheeler, how a bout’ John McGuinness, or Dr. Rossi…..
    And,let’s do one lap at the Isle,where everyone can ‘stretch their legs’ (no limits/limiters).

    Oops,shot the budget on that get-together,didn’t I….. but it’d be a good one worth watching.

  5. How would I improve it???

    OK… How about dry conditions for starters. Also how about top of the line pro racers on one test and average club racers or novices on the other. Then do a series of tests. A drag race, a 0 to 100 back to 0 time, Time to top speed, a flying mile, braking distance tests etc. AND THEN do a few balls out qualifying laps as opposed to an actual race. maybe even on more than one style track as this was primarily a bike track. Then perhaps do a graphic overlay of where they would be and when. I have little doubt the bike would win but I bet it’d be a bit closer than even I would imagine.

    2 cents..

  6. They should have spent their time knitting a nice turtle neck sweater. I (and just speak for myself) don’t ride a motorcycle to be faster than a car, it’s already a a gas passing them at 40 km/h when they are stuck on traffic, as well as having always a place to park. The idiots that come up with this should be jailed for giving some other idiots some really bad ideas.

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