Supermoto Honda Video that’s been making the rounds..




  1. EXCELLENT……. awesome entertainment, and outstanding talent.
    Now let’s all sit and wait for the righteous comments about bad motorcycling behaviour and what a poor example he is setting…..and how much his antics destroy the image of motorcycling…..Ha

    Personally, I cant wait to get mine out and go charging through my nearest supermarket…..thats a joke by the way…I’d fall off.

    More please.

    1. I’ve thought about making my own super-moto style street bike from a CRX450. It just isn’t practical. That engine is a pure race engine. It requires an oil change every 5 hours of engine run time, and a new piston and rings about every 30 hours, and brand new valves (not just an adjustment) every 75 hours of running. That’s a lot of time spent in the garage wrenching, instead of out riding.

      That’s why we haven’t seen a version of this engine (or any of the Japanese big four’s MX four-strokes) in a streetable bike. To make this engine acceptable to consumers for on-road use Honda would have to make the engine more robust. That would add weight, and destroy the entire concept of a really lightweight single cylinder four-stroke.

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