Super cool Maico MD 250

Trick little scoot from over on ADV rider. Here’s the thread link

From the post

Her my Maico md 250 with rotary disc valve.
The only street legal serial bike with Kröber ignition – alternator and accu charge control.

The bike is very rare.
Only about 1400 bikes build by Maico from 1974-1976.
The most MD´s would sold in Germany.

The frame,swingarm and rotary disc is from 125 GP racer.
The 6 speed gear is from the 125 GS
The fork is a marzzocchi
Front brake is 180 mm Grimeca dopple simplex
Rear brake is 160mm Grimeca
Rear shocks are Girling

The weight, ready to run with full gastank ,is 126 Kg
The engine output is 27 Hp.
the engine is a ultra short stroker
bore 76mm
stroke 54mm
Topspeed is 150 Km/h
6,6 sec speedup to 100Km/h


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