1. Yes more pictures. I can’t say that I am a fan of really early Japanese motorcycles. Their lines are all clashy and pointy. When you consider that a T160 (a beauty in my eyes – and many other previous Triumphs) was around at about the same time, I can only assume that Japanese designers were on some seriously strong gear.

    More pics because I never knew there was a chrome version

  2. I’ll see what I can do. I had some photo’s stored on an older hosting company (Villagephotos.com) but they have gone out of business and a lot of older stuff is no longer hosted. I’ll hit my archives tonight and see what i can track down. I know that it’s a VERY rare bike. I have a photo with a plackard explaining the background and history. Check back in later tonight.

  3. Several years back, I also had a chrome Superhawk. According to one Honda collector that I asked,these bikes were either given to,or made available to Honda dealerships. The criteria for the distribution being based upon sales. There were other all chrome models,such as the little 50cc mini trail….

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