Month: August 2011

Ever have one of those days….

Something you just don’t see every day. Sometimes I wonder about the locals around here… and yes he lived. Here is a link to the full story.

My most viewed older post. What is it about this CB250 Cafe that you guy like so much?

I check my site stats every so often to see what the trends and such are and for a year or so now this is always THE bike that is the most viewed… and often by a comfortable margin. I suppose that there are some message boards out there that are linking all over it. Vincents, Broughs, Ducatis, Brittens… all fall behind to this admittedly cool little rocket ship that trumps them all! Well here she is again! Enjoy and thanks again for stopping by!

UPDATE: Need a little feedback from the readers on the blog please.

Update: Looks like we’re good to go. Thanks everyone for the feedback. always good to do a few diagnostics one in a while to make sure! And a special shout-out to Chris of Bike-Exif for the monitoring links hook-up! If you guys aren’t checking out his site regularly then get over there! He’s definately major league!

Quick question for the regulars please relating to the site. Is anyone getting any sort of security alert when checking in to the main blog page. I only ask because WordPress has notified that they:

“just discovered an error in one of our tools on that may have affected your password’s security. Please change your password on the Personal Settings page.”

….which I promptly did but a regular reader just alerted me that he was getting a security alert when checking in on the blog. I’m curious if this us affecting (m)any other people. If so I’ll get right after it with wordpress and get it sorted out.

Hope this hasn’t caused any problems for anyone. If so please let me know!

Thanks Much!
Steve Ducharme!