Reader Ride! Excellent XS650 Restomod from the UK!

Just thought I’d send a couple of pics of my recently rebuilt 1977 XS 650 D. Would love to see it on the site. Lots of work done to most parts of it, handles great and the engine mods mean it now kicks out a more respectable 51.6hp at the rear wheel.
East Yorkshire. UK

Love it Dave! 51hp is a handful on these bikes with all that torque! Well done! Looks like a real rider and a nice twist on the first year color theme. I should really get my hands on one of these sometime.



  1. Nice job Dave, love the reverse cone meggies:>)
    XS 650’s were in my humble opinion about the best big jap vertical twins that were made in that era and must be one of the most customised and modified bikes ever (search XS 650 in google images!) the XS 650 didn’t have too much opposition and I don’t like to really criticise bikes as someone will love them but the the Kawasaki Z750 Twin was about as boring as they came and the Honda CB500 twin the less said the better (and yes I had one) It’s great to see people keeping the older bikes alive and I know a few die hard Brit bike only riders who think the same even about some classic jap bikes after all we can’t all afford Gold Stars!
    Mike, Cornwall, UK.

    1. Thanks very much, glad you like it. It’s taken a lot of work to get it like this and there’s still a couple of jobs I’d like to do (isn’t there always). I know what you mean about Z750 Twins as I had one of them too, gorgeous looking motor but a bit gutless.

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