Some sweet motorcycle paintings from artist Casey Lynch.

Casey Lynch sent in photo’s of his artwork. I asked him about work he might have for sale and if he’ll take commissions etc.

Thanks for the response and for the kind words, Steve!

No worries about sending some larger pics – I’d love to. I’m not much of a computer guy and I don’t know much about resolution …

The Husky is sold, but I have the Triumph for sale at a local place in town for $375. It’s big (30″ x 40″), so I’m not sure what it would cost to ship it. And I’m always willing to do commissions! I’ve done a few – on my website CASEYLYNCH.NET you can pick ‘cars, motorcycles, and planes’ in the Categories heading to check them out.

Thanks Steve!

Thank you Case.  It’s great stuff.  I like the style a lot especially so since it’s nice and large.   I bet some of the old 70’s 2 strokes that I’m into would look great.  An old Kawi H1 or RD350 maybe.. Food for though when I get a few extra $$ socked away.



Hi Steve – here’s the Husky 400…



… and here’s the flat tracker, based on Gary Scott’s ’77 Triumph (with
my own color scheme – his was green and white):
Again, thanks!

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