1. One of this days I was mildly sodomized in a roundabout by a lady who was just looking elsewhere, luckily no ground was injured.

  2. Fuggin ‘ell, that was incredible. That almost happen to me..I heard the screeching tires behind me…I just accellerated, never even looked back…the next thing I know this car hits the car I was right behind a second ago.

  3. I would have stayed on the ground, have paramedics sent, and sued that bitch for everything she had…….but that;s me…..

  4. Nice escape. i wish all my crashes were like that 🙂

    ps> Sorry to inform, wrong tag 🙂 It isn’t Yamaha, it’s a Suzuki GSX-R 600 or 750, K9 model.

  5. I always try to keep an eye on my mirrors at Stoplights/Stop signs also… for just that reason.
    He’s very lucky. And so is she… because if it were me, the Police would have had to pry my hands from her throat.

  6. Another thing this shows, its how its a good Idea for all motorcyclists to wear helmet cams everyday. Its so cheap these days with digital memory. I have started it myself, but it is kind of another hassel to deal with everyday.
    This will help provide proof in the event of anaccident.

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