A fantastic 1972 Honda SL350 with a great backstory.

I stumbled across this sweet SL350 on ADV rider and had to ask the owner more about it. Turns out that it’s got a nice history. Paul built it to recreate an early Baha 1000 promotional ride from back in the day. For more complete info check out the AMA blog post on it here. Great stuff!  Also, for a great build thread with lots of great background see this build thread over on ADV rider HERE.

Thanks again Paul!

Here’s the “Glamor Shot”

One of his potential candidates that didn’t make muster.

Here’s the first go-round on the restoration:

And here she is in her element being put to work the way she was intended! Great Stuff!



  1. Great looking SL but the red bike in the second pic is a CL which he was going to use for the build but then found the nice Sl. in the pictures below…… Nice bikes!

  2. Hi, awesome bike, brilliant. I was wondering what tyre you have on the back? Looks very beefy 🙂 Also, what are the rear shocks, they look really good and are the front shocks stock? Cheers. My email is john479@gmail.com

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