Reader Ride. A nice “budget built” Yamaha SRX600.

I love seeing interesting bikes built on a budget.  There’s always something to learn.

Norman writes in:

My name is Norman, I am 26 years old, studying.
I`ve been following your blog for some time, and just love the work you`re doing.
Since a few years, i own a 1987 Yamaha SRX 600, and i`ve been working on it ever since – as far as a very tight budget allows it (and the german regultations concerning customizing bikes).
In it`s most recent incarnation, it went from flat black cafe racer to sky blue, little flakey roadster; see attachment.
It is not yet done, but if you like it, I will send some pictures when it has progressed further.
It is not a high class build, especially as I am “learning by doing”, and have a tight budget and limited tooling, but maybe you want to show it – in this case, I will send you more and hopefully better pictures when it is set up for the season (probably March).
Here`s some data:

1987 Yamaha SRX 600, Type 2TM (swiss import)
bored out to 675ccm, K&N, stage 3 dynojet kit,
Progressive fork springs,
Koni shocks,
braided brake lines,
BSM stainless steel exhaust,
homemade seat and rear section,
vintage Granturismo flake grips,
Rattle can paintjob and so on.

I see that you have certain standards for the material you post, so I fully understand if you leave it out.

Keep up the good work,


Actually Norman if I have standards I’m not sure what they are exactly lol.  I generally go with my mood on these things.  I don’t think that there is enough attention paid to what people are doing when on a budget.  Anyone can get their vision out with an unlimited budget.    It’s the people who are constrained by time/space and money that really have to get creative and even if it doesn’t quite “get there” it’s interesting to see how the compromises play out.  Thank You for the Pics!


  1. Hey, thanks alot! If i had knew that you are going to post it right on, i`d tried to get some better pictures (of the sparkly paintjob, for example)…
    As one can see (where to attach the number plate?), it is not done yet…but i think one can see where this is going. so many plans…
    if there is interest, i can send in an update when there is considerable progress.

  2. Budget builds are so, so, so much more interesting than those unlimited budget builds! I’m very fond of this, it looks really tidy and quite beefy, that rear section is really nice!

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