A Metro Racing Sponsored Beauty! And a Yamaha too..

Sorry Don… probably too late to help out but here you go!

Donzilla of Metro Racing sent me this pic of a very cool Yamaha two stroke twin but in all the hubub I must have missed it.  If you’re even remotely interested in period correct gear be sure and check him out at  www.metroracing.com.
You know you want some new head……gear for the new year.  Metro’s got the all new Bell Custom 500’s that are not only a great retro helmet, they are DOT approved and not a budget buster at $99.00 for White, Black or Satin Black and $119.00 for Orange metal flake and Silver metal flake. Hit up www.metroracing.com and get one on  the way.

Thanks,Don Miller  Metro Racing

Like I’ve said I can be had! A cool pic for a quick ad! 🙂

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