Anyone mind if I change colors?

My eyes can’t really take the white text on black background anymore.  It seemed to work a little better over on blogger.  I experimented with different fonts and sizes but I’m not really thrilled with it.  So I was thinking of reversing it with a slightly different theme.  I know a lot of you have expressed that they’d like a change but are there any objections either way?


  1. A dark grey provides less contrast which helps our daily monitor tired eyes to follow your nice posts in a more relaxed way.

  2. Nothing wrong with black and white, but the text is a bit too small for that high contrast–at least for my tiny netbook.

    I think it would be awesome if you matched the layouts colors to the scheme on one of those Kawak H1s you’re always posting. Or the orange of the Yamaha RD350…or the rootbeer candy look of the the 70s CBs…you get the idea.

  3. Just tr and we’ll let you know. Since we probably don’t look at it as long as you do. We’ll let you know if we need a retina-transplant 😉

  4. …on a complementary note:
    a) – you NEED a header
    b) – the text as well as the search boxes on the right should be of a darker colour as you already have on it’s titles (which I believe should be lighter) so as to remove it’s importance from the posts.
    c) – a)

  5. I experimented with it late last night. I think Mark M is right. While my eyes get a little weary with the black background the all white is way too in your face. If I change Themes al my Widgets have to be reloaded which is a pain so I’m not going to do too much of that till I have more time. I’ll sit tight for a while and experiment with the CSS code later. Thanks Everyone.

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