Beautifully photographed Yamaha SR500 by a young rider from Germany who “gets it”.

It’s nice te see that there are people in the next generation of riders who can still appreciate  the simple joy of a ride in the country on a well ridden thumper. Thanks Much for the reminder. Time to go for a long ride this weekend and blow off some stress.

Leon writes in:

Hi, I really liked your old blog, I would like to send you some pictures of my SR500, it’s an 82 model, not as fancy as the other bikes on your blog, if you don’t like it fell free to ignore this 😛
I like my bike, especially because it’s not fancy/shiny and it’s my first “real” bike it is cheap, runs and is much cooler than the plastic bikes other people of my age like.  Unfortunately I couldn’t decide on one picture, so here you are.

Greetings from Germany,


  1. “is much cooler than the plastic bikes”

    I like the statement and who needs plastic!?!

    Very cool Bike!

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