Thank You To Formula Moto! Wish I could Read Spanish!

I want to send out a big Thank You to the editors at Fórmula Moto Magazine for including information about this blog in their latest edition. I am very honored!  I’ve said it many times before.  I am amazed how this simple hobby of mine has exploded.  I’m still having a great time with it.  Thank you to everyone for dropping in and sharing your pics with me.

The sent me a notice and a PDF (which I converted here) of the page.

I´m Andrés G. Dorado, spanish journalist, i work in Fórmula Moto, spanish monthly motorbike magazine. In last number (december) I published some photos of your web in the last page of the magazine whose name is “Última página”, it´s a section dedicated to Internet curiosities. I send the pdf of the publication.

Best regards.


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