Reader Ride. BADASS DR650 Streetfighter / Motard.

Mike Sternick writes in:
Good Morning,
Its a 2003 Suzuki DR650 with a few mods and it gos like stink!

Later he updated me with some build details:

Hey Steve,               
Thanks for your comments.Like you said great handling bike just cluttered and a little ugly.The rear rim is a stock 17″ the front I changed to 18″ it balanced the profile and lowered it an inch.The front and rear suspension were lowered 3″ and still has 7″ of travel.I cut about 12″ off the back frame and welded a new hoop.Seat pan is stock with new foam.The tank is off an old Harley and mounted like the factory. The exhaust, side panels and head light bracket are all one off made by me.The oil cooler I remounted off the front of the frame.All the old tabs were cut and ground off to clean up the frame.The stance of the bike came out perfect and I can still lower it an inch front or rear. The motor is stock except for the pipe,jet kit and K&N filter.Tires are Scorpion A/Ts.The bike is for sale so I can start a new project over the winter.

I’m not interested in becoming a for sale site but if anyone’s interested I’ll get you Mike’s Contact info. I think it great and I’d seriously consider buying it myself but I’ve alead got a DR650 (much more stock) that I’m modding.



  1. awesome looking, i ride a 2007 dr650, and been to south Carolina and Washington dc and mackinaw bridge twice and it is a good road bike i have a long term back injury condition and the dr 650 treats it very forgiving over bumps and i think this street fighter version is a super alternative for the drs 650 for road! Catfish.

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